Friday, July 2, 2010

So Stinkin' Cool!!

See how cute this air freshener is in my car?  Not only does it look like Texas, but it smells amazing!!!  It came from a fantastic shop called PK Stuff!! 
The awesome lady behind this shop is Pam, and I met her through her facebook fan page and when she donated to my Relay for Life baskets!!  Just so happens when she sent the donation, she also added in a little surprise for me!  Which was the air freshener, and.....

this key fob which I must say, I freakin LOVE!!  It's a great thing to have when I'm riding my bike with my kiddies!!
Pam not only has an amazing shop, but she is a really awesome lady too, like I said, she donated to our Relay for Life basket
which a friend of mine won at the auction....the next day, I got this comment..

" I love my PK Poufy Soap from It
is fabulous! I had a great time last night, Heather, You did a great
job, You should be so proud of all that you did for this one night.
Thanks for all who supported your efforts, Esp, pkstuff 

Pam also makes THE CUTEST coin purses!!


Soooooo.....If you haven't stopped by Pam's shop, or her facebook shop to say "HI", you should really do that today...I was just there, and it seems she has another trick up her sleeve that she'll be announcing soon!!!



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