Saturday, February 27, 2010

Have you ever wondered....

So as I was sitting here looking at pictures today, searching for a particular pic of a quilt I had made, I started coming across pictures of all my little ones....I started wondering where all of that time had gone.  I couldn't believe that it had been almost 5 years since the littlest one was, well, little...
I posted on my facebook the other day in regards to wishing spring was here, and got a gentle reminder from a wonderful woman, that I should appreciate every season for what it is....and I believe that I am pretty good at that, but, after today, I appreciate what she said even more. 
The little one in the picture above, just came to me with her first loose tooth... :(
and this one....
wants to write in cursive and can read books like it's something she's always done
and this gorgeous little man sitting with my daddy...
is the most brilliant, caring (soon to be 13) young man I've ever met.

So I say to all of you, take the time to look through your pictures, play with your kids in the snow, even if you are tired of looking at it, say yes when it's 5 minutes past bed time and they want a bedtime story, and most of all,,,,,,never,,,,,never,,,,,never turn down a hug...even if you know it's just to delay picking up the play room....because you will look back soon and wonder....where did the time go...
Thank you, Eileen....

Monday, February 22, 2010

In awe....

I must say that there is no way I can do justice to this weeks blog ring featured store.  I must also say that I have been totally in awe of steampunk jewelry since I first discovered it.  It has a certain mystery to it, yet it tends to be so comforting to me at the same time.  (Strange I know, but, I never said I wasn't :) 
CJ Grand had me mesmerized.  I must have flipped through her store atleast 100 times.

She seriously does some beautiful work....not to mention, she's also a member of the Etsy Steam Team and is a great supporter of the HAF Team...but really, let's get back to these pictures.....

(and I want this one :)

(oh and these...)

(this one too!!)

and did I mention she also makes healing fashion jewelry...

 (yup, I'll take this one too!)

You can find these wonderful pieces at her Etsy Shop, or her Artfire Shop,  she can also be found on her facebook page here.

But before you do that you really should go here and get a better look at this...
CJ, If you ever run out of room for all of your beautiful work, my door is ALWAYS open for it!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cap Sleeve Tutorial!

I want to give a few disclaimers prior to any of you reading this...First and foremost, I am self-taught, I'm sure there are other ways of doing this out there, but this is the easiest way I have figured out how to do it :)  Second, this is the first tutorial I've ever done, and I did it based on how I learn, and if I can't do something hands on, I need A LOT of pictures!  Those being said, here it is, lots of pictures and my best explaination of how to put a cap sleeve on a shirt!

The first thing is to decide on how big the sleeve needs to be. 
I decided mine needed to be eight inches around and three inches wide, so I will add one inch to both of those for seam allowances. 
Next, I measured these out on a piece of paper.
First the length, make sure to place a mark in the center. 
At the center mark, measure the width.  After this, you will use those reference marks to make a football shape.
Cut this out, and fold in half to even up,
Once you have evened up all of the edges, this is what you will use for the pattern to cut out your sleeves.
Fold your fabric in half, so that you can cut both sleeves at once, and pin the pattern you just made to it and cut out!
After they are cut out, set one to the side, and you will pin the bottom hem on the other.
The next step is to start attaching the sleeve to the shirt.
I found the best way to do this is to place the shirt, right side out, over my knee, fold the sleeve in half to find the center and place the center over the shoulder seam.  This is where you will start to pin
To pin them together, you will fold the fabric from the shirt OVER the sleeve edge.
Once this is all pinned, you need to stitch this part together.
Yes, it looks messy, we're about to take care of that :)
The next thing you will do is flip the sleeve back over.
Once you unfold it like this, if you look at the inside, you'll notice that it looks much neater.
You're going to pin the rough edge under.
I stitched mine from the outside, because I've been using a double needle on this shirt.
Now, on the inside, you have this....
and on the outside, you have....
YAY!! Your done!!!
I hope this helps, and wasn't too picturey (is that a word?) :) 
Let me know if this helps, or if you have any questions, or if you even have a better way!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A New Puppy, New Fabric and My Little Helper!

Would you just look who showed up at my mailbox yesterday!! 
   Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen!!  He even brought his own dish!!  Not to mention even the envelope he came in was adorable!!
My girls loved the envelope, then they saw what was inside!!  Sorry girlies, he's been promised to your big brother!!  Thank you so much Jessica Lynn Originals, he is too cute, and will be going into a frame along with some pictures of my son and all of the doggies he loves!!!

I also got some new fabric!!  YAY!! 
I love new fabric, it has to be one of my favorite things in the world, aside from chocolate and coffee :).  I have a little helper telling me which buttons go with what fabric this morning.  She didn't like my choice, so she decided on her own! 
                                  (Don't tell her, but I like her choice better, lol)
We have big plans for that fabric, I hope my helper is willing to be my little supermodel again!! 
On another note, as you may know, my family and I have a Relay for Life team, and the past two years we've had a hard time reaching our goal.  I totally understand that times are hard for everyone, so I thought I'd take the opportunity here to ask all of you, what have you done in the past to raise money for an organization that you believe in?  We have an auction at the Relay, however that's not until June.  Last year I made a quilt.  It had all the dates of the Relays in our town, and how much money we had raised each year stitched in to the blocks.  This year I'm hoping we can find some way to raise most of our money prior to the Relay.  So.....if you all have any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them!!
For to sew I go!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cheers to Beer Soap and Chocolate Mint Lip Balm!!!

Yep, I said that correctly, beer soap!!!  (Don't worry, we'll get to the Chocolate Mint lip balm in a minute!) 
This is beer soap, made by the husband and wife team of Larissa and Eric, at Reef Botanicals
I was pretty intrigued when I saw this, what a brilliant idea!!  Not only do they make the soap, but Eric actually makes the beer!! 
So what could top beer soap?  How about sugar scrubs and hand soaps with names like Cafe Mocha Scrub, and Fudge Chunk hand soap.  Wow, so at this point, I'll stop and tell you that I'm already hungry from looking at their shop!!  And then....I see it.....Chocolate Chip Mint Lip was like angels singing... :)  3 of my very favorite things, chocolate, mint, and lip balm, mixed all together...aaahh, heaven...
So what I'm getting at, is this little shop will not only get you clean, but you are going to smell delish, and possibly be very hungry when your done!!!   
Check them out at their blog too, Reef Botanicals Handmade Craft Soap,  you can catch up with them there and see what they're up to, new products and also other featured artists!!!


Monday, February 15, 2010


Have you ever had a hard time focusing? GGGGRRRR.....there are some days I just can't get my brain to zone in on what I need to do. Here's my problem, see over the course of the past few years, I have tried several things. Apparently, I was searching for (hhhmmmm do I use the word forte or not :) my niche. I'll give you some examples. I've made rag dolls....

I've made pillows....

I've painted.....................

I've played with wire and clay......
I've tried scarves, hats and crocheting..
and then.....I found clothes............

It seemed like it took forever..
but, it was well worth it.  Now I don't feel like I'm searching anymore.
So now I'm curious, did all of you know immediately what your passion would be?  Did you always want to work in the medium that you do or did you go through all of the things I did?  (Oh and trust me, there's plenty more I didn't share :) 
Share with me!!  I'd love to hear how you found what you love!!  There are so many talented artist out there
were you always amazing?  Or where your first attempts enough to make you question your choice?
Leave me a note and let me know how it all came together for you...


Friday, February 12, 2010

I Have The Most Wonderful Friends, And We've Never Met....

The title of this really says it all. We all know yesterday sucked, I said that in yesterdays post. However, in a way, it was a very eye opening day for me.

I have met so many wonderful, creative and extremely talented people through Link Love on Facebook. I really could never give credit to all of them, and after yesterday, they really showed that not only are they amazing creatively, but amazingly caring people. I received so many messages I wouldn't know where to start to thank all of them.

Here's an example, as I was wandering around Facebook, looking at all of the shops and pages and I found this....

DreamBubbles an Etsy Store Hey Folks, Heather at the Pin Cone Tea Cup is having a hard day remembering her father who died 3 years ago, if you get a chance please go over and give her some Love, let her know we are all there for her.

Wow..seriously, I cried when I saw that. I was so comforted. I know I have made friends.

So to all of you, whether you need a fan, a laugh, or a hand up on a bad day, I hope you know, I'll be happy to be there....

Now get out there and SMILE!!! It's a great day!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Make the World Go Away.....

Ever had a day on the calender that you wish would just disappear? Maybe you could just sleep right through it? For me, that day is today. February suck...Today 3 years ago, the world lost the greatest Daddy in the universe.

I lost my Daddy to cancer. He was the smartest, strongest man in the world. Even through cancer treatments and doctor trips and pain, and other things that I can't even imagine dealing with, he made me laugh, he gave amazing advice, he could tell me how to fix ANYTHING, and he gave the kind of hugs that would break your ribs, but that you really needed. He was my best friend.

After I lost him, I was lost. I came home looking for anyway that I could possibly fight this terrible monster that had taken him from me. I found the Relay for Life. What an amazing event. My family and I have walked and raised money every year since, and when I opened my Etsy shop, I decided that part of my profit from every sale will also go to the American Cancer Society through my Relay for Life team.

So, on days like today, what keeps me going? Knowing that I learned to be a fighter from my Dad is first. Beautiful drawings from my little ones....Papers that my son thought I'd never see that say if he could thank anyone for making a difference it would be his Grandpa....Smiles on all 3 of their little faces when they talk about their Grandpa, and knowing how proud he would be of all of them.

I swear I didn't set out to make this a sad post, and I promise to come back tomorrow and be my silly, happy self....for today, I'm going to snuggle with my littlest one, and wish today would go away....
What keeps you going when things get tough?