Thursday, February 10, 2011

Running Away.... :)

Ok, I'm not really running away, but if any of you have seen my facebook page recently I talked about starting the Couch to 5k program.  Tomorrow will be my first LONG (for me) run.  Two straight miles, no stopping, walking, crying, or I can'ts will be tolerated!!  I believe tomorrow will be more of a mental challenge for me than physical.  4 years ago tomorrow, my dad passed away.  Ironic to me that my first hard run will fall on that day.  I mentioned to my friend Lisa, I've run in freezing temps, rain, snow, sleet and with ice on the ground, so I'm taking this as a challenge issued from above.... I've mapped out my route, and it's hard, I'm hoping I have a bright sunny day tomorrow...preferably above :)
Other than getting myself back in shape, I've started working on the Relay for Life for this year!!  I already have over 30 shops offering to donate items for our auction baskets and will be starting to work on the Memory and Honor quilt soon!  You can check out all of the items that were donated, the auction and quilt from last year here and here!!
If you are interested or would like more info about it, shoot me an message at, and I'll send you all the details!! 

Look for pics of all the donations as the start coming in here too!!  I'll be sharing all of the fantastic shops and pics of everything they send!!

                                           My daddy and i camping :)


Raige Creations said...

good luck with your run! remember the great feeling of 'runner's high'. For me, it always came when I finished, because I was so happy to be, finished! My sister, the real runner in the family, said it hit her sometimes while she was running. I am sure you know it, so enjoy it!

Tolduso said...

you are doing great....slow and steady wins the race...:))

I love all the positive energy you are creating...