Monday, March 22, 2010

Just Be Happy!!

I couldn't help but to use the name of Alessandras blog and shop as the title to this post.  Makes me smile just seeing it, and really, how could you not be drawn in to a cute little shop with that title and pictures like this...
Alessandra started crocheting with her grandma as a little girl after she lost her mom, and let me say, from the looks of her shop and all of the beautiful items in it, her mom would be very proud. :)
There were so many things in her shop that I wanted to put on here I finally had to stop, because this post would have gone on for days!! 

How cute are they!!  I'm loving the little piggy!

and I loved this, too!

Ohhhh and this too!!!
(you are starting to see my problem I guess :)  seriously, I could have gone on forever!!)
And I absolutely loved seeing gorgeous little faces like this in all of her beautiful hats!

Too stinkin' cute!!
Now seriously, I haven't even come close to touching all of the beautiful things you will find in her shop!
Oh and did I mention that she has patterns for some of her things as well....
Now not only is this lovely lady a talented crocheter, but she's a fellow blogger, and a stay at home mommy, and wife as well!!
So!!  Go check out all of her great creations in her shop, and for more of things that will make you smile...check out her blog!


leeanne said...

Your right great shop! My son had to pull me away to make lunch, lol. Love the neck warmers!

Just be happy! said...

Thank you so much, Heather!
You have made my day!!!

gwengoods said...

Very wonderful post, Alessandra is truly great!