Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Only Way to the Top is With Some Helping Hands!!!

So, today was a big day for me!  My fan page on Facebook hit 800 fans, and I found that my pages are the top 4 results on google.  I'm amazed.  I really don't feel like I can take credit for most of it though.  There are some wonderful people out there that have helped, mainly all of my fans :)
I really enjoy helping all the other shops on Facebook, I have joined the HAF team forum, and their blog ring which we promote a new shop every week, which is really fun to do too! 
I would love to feature any of my followers too, so if you have a new product, or are interested in having me feature you, let me know!!
There are several other blogs that do the same thing!!
The Mommy Marketer is a great blog, (and Amber is a great little lady) that loves to help out Etsy shops and small business!!  She's all over the web, on her blog and facebook, and features a new artist every week.  She always has great tips too!!
Michele at By Your Side is always featuring great artists as well, and is always there to cheer on other shops on Facebook as well!!
Really, those are just 2 off the top of my head!!  There have been so many others that I wouldn't know where to start!!
I have just come to find that the only way to the top, is to ask questions, and have great friends that are willing to give you a hand when you need it,,,,and I've found that there are so many people out there that are willing to!! 
Don't forget!!  If you need a hand, and I can help, drop me a line, either here or on facebook, and if I don't have an answer for you, maybe I can point you in the right direction!!

Hey, one more thing, if you'd like to see how well Link Love is working for people, check out Vickies new blog "Link Love Success"


Dreary Mouse said...

Hey I'd love to be featured if you are interested. :)

dora said...

Saw your post on fb and came by to say Hey! I like the photo on this post. Enjoy the day!

threadsofmagique said...

Congratulations! It's well deserved. Link love is a wonderful thing.

-Amber Jordan said...

Thank you for the sweet compliment! Would love to help as many as I can!
a.k.a Mommy The Marketer