Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Baaaacccckkkk!!!

Wow!  Well I'm glad that's all over with!  Now I'm back and I have more to say then a little kid with a sugar high!!  If I get annoying, well, just let me know!  :)
So, let's see where to start catching up!  First!!  I won the most fantastic bow for my little girlies!!  Babe's Bowtique really came through when I said I wanted pink and purple so that both my girls would love it!!
We've worked out a schedule so that they take turns every other day wearing it so there's no arguing, but I'm going to have to order some know, to match the softball uniform!  So watch out Heather, the girls birthdays are coming soon!!
Oh, yes, did you see me mention oldest daughter has decided that softball is going to be "her sport" :)  So this past Saturday (and part of Sunday) was all softball....ALL day!

She really has quite an arm on her...we tease her and tell her it's a rocket!

The littlest played a great outfielder for us, although she sometimes got distracted and had to hug the pitcher...(her daddy) :)
The other thing we did (on the way to the park) was play in the back of Daddy's convertible..the girls think it's a roller coaster...

I think it makes me

As for what I did all day Sunday (while Daddy and the girls played ball in the front yard)..
I worked on turning this..

Into a WHOLE LOT of these...

None of them are stitched together yet, but you get the idea!  These are only 3 of the 10 I finished over the weekend......I have 11 more to go!  They are all for the Relay for Life quilt I've been talking about, I really just can't get over the response I've had to it! 
So, I've jibber jabbed enough for today!  Don't forget, I'm still looking for shops that would like to be featured, so drop me a note if you're interested!
I'm sure I'll think of something else that I forgot to tell you all soon!  So until I do..

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Heather @ Babes Bowtique said...

Thanks so Much I'm so glad the girls Like the BOW....I would love to do a softball bow to match just let me know! Tell her to keep up the hard work so I can say I made her bow when she is FAMOUS...He he enjoy your week!