Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mantel Makeover and a Giveaway at The Ruby Blog!

I have to say that The Ruby Blog is one blog that I check out everyday... Not only does her blog always have something great on it, but her shops rock as well!  So when she had posted on her blog that she was having a give away for showing her your mantel...well, I had just re-done why not enter!
This is what my mantel looked like at Halloween....I know, I know...PLAIN!!!!
I swear it looked a bit better at Christmas, but, I didn't take a picture, or if I did, I certainly can't find it now!
So since then, (if you read what I jabber on about, you know) we've been doing a LOT of remodeling, and one of the things I did was this....

Ok, so it's not the greatest picture, but here's a little bit of each part

These are some of the books I love.  The tall skinny one on the end is actually my great grandfathers daily log from when he was a carpenter...It's from upstate NY and has names in it like Roosevelt and Vanderbelt..and yup, those are the families you think they are...It's very interesting to have a link to a President in my own home!  The Bible and glasses were my fathers, and I think they deserve a place in my home where everyone can see them.

Next is an antique mirror off of an old dresser, the stand that holds it was broken, so I turned it sideways and propped it up on the stand instead...and of course, pictures of my husband and I on our first date, and our kids!

This side has an old cribbage board and a childs shoe form that my husband has given me.  Also, the glass jar has pebbles and some small twigs from our weeping cherry tree....
Of course there are candles on each end that are sitting on rod iron stands...
So...that's the story of my mantel!
Now...stop by The Ruby Blog and show her yours and get in on this giveaway!!!


Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for joining the giveaway! Your mantel is gorgeous...and I liked your Halloween mantel, too! What lovely inspiration for me!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
Beth (The Ruby Blog)

Jess said...

Very pretty. I wish I had a mantel to decorate!

ThePineConeTeaCup said...

Thank you both, I think I'm finally happy with it...mostly because there's meaning behind most of the pieces on it.... and that makes me smile!

DeeCee said...

Your mantel looks great. Ruby's blog is wonderful too.
Please visit my new blog. I have something for you. Hugs.

ThePineConeTeaCup said...

Thank you Dolcie!! (about my mantel and for my beautiful sunshine award!) Ruby's blog is fantastic!