Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's wwayyy to cold to be outside taking pictures..buttttt....

but..I did it anyway...and wow did it make a difference!! Let me know what you think of my little skirts!!
Lisa over at ToldUSo kept telling me to take my pictures outside, and I have to say she was absolutely right!!
I have to tell you all, I'm REALLY excited right now!! I woke up to the greatest message on my facebook!! Lisa (yup, another Lisa!!) over at Blast From The Past Designs was having a give away when she hit 50 blog followers, and guess what I won!!! She's going to be sending me a custom necklace!!! I can't wait, and don't worry, I'm going to share with all of you how fantastic it is!!
Alrighty!! I'm cutting this short for now, I have 2 more skirts to bust out, oh and did I mention, we're expecting snow tomorrow? YAY!! I can't wait!!!
Take care for now!!!


Tolduso said...

The Pictures look really bright....good job....cutest little skirt it..

Blast From The Past Designs said... are so sweet! It's all that good karma you have :) That's why you won.