Friday, February 12, 2010

I Have The Most Wonderful Friends, And We've Never Met....

The title of this really says it all. We all know yesterday sucked, I said that in yesterdays post. However, in a way, it was a very eye opening day for me.

I have met so many wonderful, creative and extremely talented people through Link Love on Facebook. I really could never give credit to all of them, and after yesterday, they really showed that not only are they amazing creatively, but amazingly caring people. I received so many messages I wouldn't know where to start to thank all of them.

Here's an example, as I was wandering around Facebook, looking at all of the shops and pages and I found this....

DreamBubbles an Etsy Store Hey Folks, Heather at the Pin Cone Tea Cup is having a hard day remembering her father who died 3 years ago, if you get a chance please go over and give her some Love, let her know we are all there for her.

Wow..seriously, I cried when I saw that. I was so comforted. I know I have made friends.

So to all of you, whether you need a fan, a laugh, or a hand up on a bad day, I hope you know, I'll be happy to be there....

Now get out there and SMILE!!! It's a great day!!



Crystal from KIZZ said...

Yes we are here Heather. 8)
psst...grabbed your button for my blog.
Crystal from KIZ

trusk4u said...

I lost my Mom 5 years ago to cancer and it's still really hard, BUT isn't it great to have support and a smile from friends when you're down? I know it always helps me!

ThePineConeTeaCup said...

It's amazing Teresa, it really is!