Monday, February 8, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend!!

What a beautiful weekend it was here! See, I'm going to tell you a much as I like to complain about being cold, I LOVE the snow! I don't care if I have to shovel it, in fact, I wish we got more than what we do around here. So needless to say waking up and realizing that the weather man actually called it right when he said we were going to have snow, I was thrilled!!! Especially because this

was so much prettier than this which was going on in my kitchen!!

Watching my babies play always makes it more worthwhile too... (hhhmmm recognize that black hat??? That's one of my buddy Lisas from ToldUSo,, hehehe imagine that)

My oldest was busy too...he was working on Daffodil Days for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life!!

I won't go into the kitchen, however, you should know that my husband promised it would be done in a weekend, and (drum roll, please) it's done!! New counters, new sink and painted cabinets!! He rocks!

I also have selfish reasons for having a wonderful weekend..

I was very excited to find my little shop featured on T.Rusk4u's blog!!! I am so much more than grateful!! Teresa says she is possibly going to start a series featuring new shops!! How wonderful is that. On top of all of this, she has an amazing shop of her own, with some beautiful jewelry!! If you've not checked her out already, stop by her blog and say Hi!!

I want to say thank you also, to all of my new fans on all have been so warm and welcoming and helpful, it's really just amazing!! Thank you again!!

Ok, I'm going for now, I have to get one little one dressed and another off to school! (Oh, and shhh but I'm hoping they're right about more snow tonight!!)

Stay warm where ever you are!!!



Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures! I really love the one of the porch with the American Flag blowing in the wind!

Your children are far more beautiful than the snow though!

Debra said...

I secretly love snow too...but we don't really get any in Atlanta :( Put up a pic of your finished kitchen!