Friday, February 19, 2010

A New Puppy, New Fabric and My Little Helper!

Would you just look who showed up at my mailbox yesterday!! 
   Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen!!  He even brought his own dish!!  Not to mention even the envelope he came in was adorable!!
My girls loved the envelope, then they saw what was inside!!  Sorry girlies, he's been promised to your big brother!!  Thank you so much Jessica Lynn Originals, he is too cute, and will be going into a frame along with some pictures of my son and all of the doggies he loves!!!

I also got some new fabric!!  YAY!! 
I love new fabric, it has to be one of my favorite things in the world, aside from chocolate and coffee :).  I have a little helper telling me which buttons go with what fabric this morning.  She didn't like my choice, so she decided on her own! 
                                  (Don't tell her, but I like her choice better, lol)
We have big plans for that fabric, I hope my helper is willing to be my little supermodel again!! 
On another note, as you may know, my family and I have a Relay for Life team, and the past two years we've had a hard time reaching our goal.  I totally understand that times are hard for everyone, so I thought I'd take the opportunity here to ask all of you, what have you done in the past to raise money for an organization that you believe in?  We have an auction at the Relay, however that's not until June.  Last year I made a quilt.  It had all the dates of the Relays in our town, and how much money we had raised each year stitched in to the blocks.  This year I'm hoping we can find some way to raise most of our money prior to the Relay.  So.....if you all have any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them!!
For to sew I go!!

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aaron said...

I love fabric too! I went to college for costume design so I do a lot of sewing too! I am so happy that you love the pup!

Jessica Lynn